September Artisan Box Reveal

We hope everyone who received the first Quarterly Artisan Box are enjoying their coffee or tea in their new mugs! For those who have not signed up yet here is a peek at what you can purchase on our retail shop and a look at what you would have received.

The quarterly artisan boxes showcase mugs handmade by artists all around the world with accompanying tea or coffee samples.  And although our August box was also handmade by Gabrielle Koza, it was a special edition Arizona box because it was our very first one!

For our official first artsian box we chose mugs handmade from TurtleRok Pottery by Rachel Varga in Bradenton, FL.

“In the fall of 2015, the pottery classes I took as a child finally coalesced, as I found my passion in clay and stoneware. I’d always been crafty – having taken up crochet, sewing and other arts before finding my way back to the wheel. Years spent in the field of graphic design have informed my creative output, giving rise to a collection of pieces that reflect both technical expertise and a playful nature.– Rachel Varga

You can check out more TurtleRok Pottery work on the website and Etsy store and please follow and like her pages on Instagram and Facebook!


Because we showcased coffee last month we wanted to showcase the tea for this month.  Our September tea samples are Moroccan Rose Mint Tea from Loose Leaf Tea market in Arizona.

 “Moroccan Rose Mint is an organic spin on one of the world's famous teas. Fun fact: in Morocco, a strong brew of Green tea blended with mint and sugar is served in tiny glasses all day, every day. Each ingredient in this tea helps you feel cool during the summer. In India, consuming rose petals is considered to be one of the best ways to cool down. More fun facts about this tea: it helps keep your teeth and gums healthy (without the added sugar of course), so brew, sip, and swish, to strengthen the gums, kill plaque, and freshen the breath. The ingredients are also anti-aging; not only do you want to drink the tea, you can also use it as a facial wash to fight free radicals, and tone the skin.

100% certified organic ingredients: Bancha Green tea, Spearmint, Rose petals“


You can learn more about Loose Leaf Tea Market by checking out their website and following them on social media.


Stay tuned to our social media for the video of the September box reveal!

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Cutoff date for November’s box is September 30, so don’t hesitate and order yours today!