It’s the BIG reveal! August 2018

Our first subscription box went out the beginning of the month. For those who are already members we hope you are enjoying your mugs and samples. For those who didn’t sign up for August, let’s see what you missed… and don’t worry there is still time to sign up to get Octobers box (we have been consulting witches and warlocks for the perfect October mugs and samples!)

Since our home office is in Arizona we decided that it is only fitting that we have our first box be a local AZ themed box!

This box showcases beautiful mugs handmade by Gabrielle Koza!

“I love to throw on the wheel to make bowls, vases, and especially bottle forms. An occasional teapot comes to me when I’m feeling ambitious enough to work on a many-step process. I love technical challenges.” – Gabrielle Koza

Gabrielle has been making pottery since 2000.  You can check out more of her work on her website and please follow and like her pages on Instagram and Facebook!


This month we did not have any tea subscribers, only coffee and surprise me! So we only showcased a coffee sample from our friends and one of our most favorite local coffee shops Peixoto!

Peixoto, pronounced Pay-Sho-Tow, is a crop to cup coffee shop located in Downtown Chandler, Arizona.

The family farm where they cultivate their coffee beans is located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.  The farm is nestled in the highlands and the farm has been given the name Fazenda São José da Boa Vista literally means “Saint José’s Farm of Good View.”

The roastery is located inside their Arizona coffee shop.

“When it comes to the coffees grown on our family farm, we go to great lengths to cultivate, microlot, harvest, process, and transport them with the utmost care.  All of this effort would be wasted if we didn’t put the same level of care and commitment into the roasting process itself.  When sitting at the bar in Peixoto Coffee and sipping on a properly extracted espresso made with our family coffee, we can taste our farm……literally, taste OUR farm.”

You can learn more about Peixoto by checking out their website and following them on social media where they beautifully document the everyday process of their Crop to Cup coffee. for the coffee shop for the farm

Stay tuned to our social media for the video of the August box reveal!

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Cutoff date for October’s box is August 31, so don’t hesitate and order yours today!